Established since 1980, Jotech Engineering & Oilfield Supplies Pte Ltd has progressed significantly in providing services such as import and export heavy machinery & equipment, warehousing services and etc. Jotech Engineering & Oilfield Supplies Pte Ltd is experienced in importing / exporting in the domestic and to foreign markets. With business dealings in most parts of Africa, we have special interest in establishing an international trading business in the manner of fair trade practices.

Jotech Engineering & Oilfield Supplies Pte Ltd has been a technically strong firm with more than 20 years of experience in the hardware trade supplying marine / offshore industries and construction related businesses. We pride ourselves in our attention to our customer's needs so as to provide a more efficient service. We take pride in providing excellence in service, and will continue to streamline our operations to further improve our competitiveness in quality of our products & efficiency towards all our customers.

We always strive towards supplying the most cost effective and top quality equipment. Along the way we have increased our range of products and services to meet the ever increasing demand of the industries where packaging is the way forward.

At Jotech Engineering & Oilfield Supplies Pte Ltd we can supply machinery and equipment from Singapore as a complete package thus saving cost and downtime for our customers. With a team of experienced and capable personnel to cater to all sorts of job scope and situations. our personnel is capable of working out a concise operation plan that includes forecast details and time schedule before carrying out its operation to ensure safety, timeliness and efficiency. We invite all inquiries for the abovementioned items and we also endeavor to supply any other items that are not listed. We are always open for any business discussions and business opportunities. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be most happy to help you.

Our key personnel in operations as well as senior management are always contactable by either mobile or by email.


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